Sunday, September 26, 2010

21 weeks

I am 21 weeks and 2 days now. Nice to know that in less than 18 weeks we'll be done! Especially since my emotions have been WACKY the past couple days. Last night I "yelled" at Randy for about 30 seconds and then went upstairs and was just like I'm lonely and started crying! All the while I knew that nothing was wrong and I couldn't help crying. Talk about the crazy lady! He came up and was like what's wrong? What can I do? And all I could say was I had no idea why I was crying and that it was ok! Nice huh?!
Anyway, this week I've felt little girl kick a lot. She has started to move like crazy, including jumping on my bladder! I also have felt her about 4 times on the outside. However, Randy hasn't felt her yet since it's very sporadic! I have continued to pack on the pounds. At this point I've gained almost 14 pounds. YIKES! This is not good. I am going to cut out all sodas for the next couple weeks and see if even that can control some of it. Still having pretty decent amount of pelvic pain. Also some back pain, and some growing pain. Gotta love pregnancy! I am really trying to enjoy this one because it will be our last and I don't want to not enjoy it. This has been my best pregnancy so far! With all my complaining I still think I have felt this best this time around, and even though I've gained more weight than I want this is the smallest I've ever been pregnant so that's nice!
I am thinking about doing the girls room in Hello Kitty! I'm not that big into character but Julietta LOVES Hello Kitty and it would only be for a couple years. The quilt she has now is wearing out so I wanted to get her something new anyway. Ender is going to have a Star Wars room! We are going to get the bedding from Pottery Barn Kids, which I'm so excited about. I've been wanting it for years and now we'll be able to get it for him! Randy's a little jealous, I think he wants the bedding for us!
Anyhoo, that's about it, no picture for this week!

*~* update*~*
Randy felt little girl on the outside today :)


  1. Ah come on, you won't let Randy have Star Wars in yalls room?! He'll end up sleeping with Ender ;)! haha. I think that will be super cute. Hello Kitty is cute too, I used to love that kitty when I was young. They had a Hello Kitty store in the Crabtree Valley Mall. Not sure if they still have it?! Anyway, your doing fine with your weight. Looking fantastic!

  2. Yes, they do still have that store. That's where we go her school stuff! I don't know if they have bedding though. I should check there!