Friday, September 17, 2010

20 weeks

YIPEE! I am half way done! Really excited about that. I had a doctors appointment this today. Everything looks good. I'm gaining weight much more fastly than I want to. Really trying to get a handle on that. My hunger level has gone down some so that's good. My tighter level for the antibody is still good. My blood pressure was 118/72 today. I talked to the doctor about the pelvic pain. He seems to think that it's more nerves than anything else. He believes that some nerve is pinched and that possibly the c-sections have caused scar tissue on them. So all in all, still nothing can be done about my pain. Also talked to him about my stomach muscles being torn, and he said yes they were seperated but that a plastic surgeon would have to take care of that. Lastly we have been talking about making this our last baby for sure (permantly). I was pretty sure that this was the right move but saying that you are done and making it official and permant is hard. However, talking to the doctor today made up my mind. My antibody is only going to get worse, my blood pressure will keep being a problem, and we really shouldn't have more than 3 c-sections. He said that after that it really becomes a mess in there. He told me that he delivered a 5 repeat this past week and it took him almost 2 hours to sew up because of the damage from all the scar tissue and the incision site is so thin and worn out. So he looked in my eyes and said "I want you think long and hard before you deciede to have another one after this." So with all the risks we are going to be done!

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  1. Sad to hear but three is a great number! Hope that pain lessens. .