Saturday, March 3, 2012

The last two months

The last two months have been hard and long on us here health wise. Kyleigh has had double ear infections for a while. She was on two courses of antibiotics for 3 weeks, and then she had to get a shot 3 days in a row of a stronger antibiotic. I am pleased to say that as of right now they are cleared up. However, the very next day Kyleigh came down with hand, foot, mouth disease. YAY! Then, several days later as Kyleigh was getting better and sleeping and being happier during the day, Julietta got pink eye in each eye. Soooooo this has been my least favorite beginning to the year, but we are all ok! Here are a couple pictures that are what my days are like.

Kyleigh is 13 months. She is still not walking or standing on her own. She has stood for about 15 seconds and she has taken about 2 steps, but these are not a daily thing at all. She will do it when she is ready though so I am not concerned.

The other big girl things that are going on in our house is Etta has a wiggly tooth, and Kyleigh is finally getting her first tooth! I will post pictures of both of these things when they finally happen.

I have bought a potty and big boy underwear for Ender. He does not want to do it though, so I am stuck inbetween wanting to push for my sake but knowing I need to wait until he is ready... but WE are ready :)

I am going to try to do better with blogging it's just been pretty crazy lately here.
Randy is going out to California next week for a week, and I am praying that something happens out there job wise. I am open to anything the Lord has to offer us, but I am also really praying that it is letting us stay in Raleigh. But as I said the Lord's ways are not necessarily my ways, so I know that this may not be what he wants for us.

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  1. Must be the day for catching up on blogs! haha
    Love the pics! Wondering if Kyleigh will think about walking once all her ear problems are done. Maybe a balance issue.
    Did you get a pic of the tooth that is gone? It's a pretty big deal!
    And as far as that potty training deal - well, boys are boys. Mine have always been slower then the girls. Nate wasn't even motivated until Naomi was in the middle of training. I don't have any of them in diapers, so I guess it worked out whenever it worked. :)
    Praying about his trip and job. Colorado would be good though....