Saturday, February 4, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday

Kyleigh Aurora has been in our lives for a year! I can not believe how fast this year went by. Kyleigh's birthday was on a Saturday and I spent pretty much all of Friday night in tears! I was looking at her newborn pictures and I found it so sad that she was no longer a "baby". Yes she will be a baby until she is 2 and since she is so small it makes her seem younger, but still she is officially one and it's sad!
We had a great birthday for Kyleigh. We all woke up and had breakfast together. We then went over to my mom's house and my brothers family came over and we had lunch and cupcakes. Kyleigh loved being the center of attention.

I took Kyleigh to the doctor this week. She weighs 17.4 pounds and is 28.75 inches tall. She is in the 20% for weight and is in the 40% for height. As always her head is in the 10%. All my babies have small heads :)  She is a healthy happy girly :)

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  1. She is such a pumpkin! Love the pictures. Happy Birthday precious!