Saturday, September 3, 2011

Julietta turns 5

Baby girl turned 5 a couple weeks ago!!!!  I can't believe how time flies. It seems last year we had her as a little baby. I'm starting to think that birthdays will be happy and sad for me from here on out. I just realize how fast time flies, and it's just sad. It's life, but still sad!
Julietta had a wonderful day. We woke up to pancakes, eggs, cinnamon rolls, and bacon! This is her favorite breakfast so she was excited. Then we opened two presents one from Grandma Linda and one from Grandma Punkie. She loves all her new stuff!
After that we hung out for a little bit and let Kyleigh and Ender take a quick nap. We then went over to Al and Laura's pool and had a little party for her. She wanted a tinker bell party this year so we got a tinker bell cake, balloons, and table cloth. She had a blast!
Thank you Etta for being such a special and sweet girl! 

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  1. She is very special, and we love her so much! Happy Birthday Etta!!