Saturday, September 3, 2011

Ender turns 2

Boy oh Boy.... Here comes the fun!
Ender Manses woke up and did not know why we kept singing to him and saying Happy Birthday! He liked it though! After hanging out at home and playing we went to the park to have a little party. Just our family and a couple friends from home group came and we had a blast. Of course we had to have a woody cake for him. I think he knew what was going on since the week before we did Etta's birthday! He was really excited to open presents, however, he HATED when we showed him something and then took it away!
Ender is such a sweet boy! He talks a lot, and he loves his sisters! He loves Woody, Pandas, Mickey Mouse, and Monkeys. He still loves to put on anyones shoes. He loves all balls, and he is a goof ball. He is a boy for sure, but he has a really sweet heart.

Ender also had his 2 year old check up the day after his birthday. He weighed 27 pounds and is 36.5 inches tall. He is in the 30% for weight, but in the 95% for height. We've been noticing he's tall compared to other kiddos his age, but had no idea! I wonder if that will keep up and he'll be as big as his uncles Tim and Jake!?

Ender did not get his shots because when they took his blood they found that his platelets were really high. They are assuming this is because he's been fighting something for the last couple weeks. We have to take him back on Wednesday to get them checked to make sure they are coming back down. Praying that's all it is. As long as they are he will get his 2 year old shots on Wednesday and then be done until 5!

This week Ender moves up to the big 2 year old sunday school room. He will have a small group leader and everything!


  1. 2 is such a fun age. They really start communicating with you as a little person! He is adorable, and we wish we could have been with you those two weekends to share their birthdays with all of you.

    Love you Ender!

  2. He looked so handsome =). Looks like he had a wonderful day!!!!