Friday, February 4, 2011

Kyleigh's Birth Story

I have a second and I thought I'd write a little bit about Kyleigh's birth story. Our c-section was scheduled for 12:15. We dropped the kiddos off at my mom's house that morning at 9 and were checking into the hospital at 10:15. I was hooked up to an IV and ready to go by 11. They came in and told us that there was an emergency c-section that morning and we were going to be pumped to about 1. This was fine except for the fact that I hadn't been able to eat or drink anything past midnight the night before. I was starving and so thirsty and so nervous that I was getting nauseous. 
12:50 rolled around and they came up to get us! Randy went into the waiting room and put his scrubs on, and I went into the operating room and was given a spinal. I had epidurals with both other children. Spinal was very similar but it was just a shot instead of a tube being put in. It worked crazy fast. I didn't even feel them put the catheter in. It was a very weird feeling though because I was so numb all the way up that it felt like I couldn't breathe. This kinda freaked me out for a little bit but they talked me through it! I got the spinal at 1:00. Randy came in the room at about 1:05 and at 1:17 they pulled little Kyleigh out! This is the best part. I had asked the doctor the day before if there was anyway they could hold her up so I could see her "first" moment. She had said no but she surprised me since I was doing good and pulled the curtain down and let me see that first baby moment! It was great since I didn't get to see that with Julietta or with Ender. Kyleigh then proceeded to pee on my stomach! Her system was working :)
Then Randy went with her into the room to get a bath and cleaned up. They came in and sat with me for abut 5 minutes and then they went to the nursery. I was being wheeled out of the operating room by 1:59! I was in recovery for about an hour. This was also a new experience because they let Randy come in with me! It was so nice to not wait by myself. All the nurses were amazing as well. Kyleigh was supposed to join us in recovery but I wasn't there for very long and they were keeping an eye on her. I was then transported to my room and the waiting began. We waited until 4:30 until they finally brought her in. I was so mad. They said she was just screaming her head off and her heart was racing so much that they had to watch it. To this I say she would've done better on my momma's chest! That would've calmed her.
Anyway, we finally had our little girl. My mom actually brought the kiddos over at the same time Kyleigh came to the room.
And the best news was nursing went great right away. She latched on right away and has just been getting better at it!
Al and Laura came and brought the boys. We ended up going home on Monday. Kyleigh lost a decent amount of weight but not compared to my other kiddos. Julietta was 6.12 when she was born and she dropped down to 5.9. Ender was 7.11 and dropped down to 6.12.  Kyleigh was 7 even and left the hospital at 6.6.  We also left the hospital knowing that we had to take her to the doctors the next morning to of course have her weight checked but also to have her bili level checked. She was very yellow. Her levels were around 13 something. We took her to the doctor the next morning and she was only down to 6.5 and her levels had stayed the same so thankfully we didn't have to do a blanket or anything special.

Kyleigh's birth was such a wonderful experience. The hospital was great, the c-section went great! I had more pain this time around but it was still so enjoyable. We are so thankful to have the completion of our family finally here!!!!  (yes my tubes were tied that's why i say completion). 

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  1. Sounds wonderful! I hate how they keep the babies for so long. I definitely agree being with you, and feeding, would have calmed her right down. Glad your doing good, and I can not wait to meet her!