Thursday, February 17, 2011

Here we go again......

I am 90% certain that Kyleigh has the milk protein allergy as well. I am 99.9% sure that she has reflux as well. So..... as of today I am officially dairy free again. I am going to try this for a little bit and try something called colic calm to see if we can help her feel better. Sometimes you can tell that she's hurting and she is having a hard time settling into naps. She also has a bloody rash on her bottom which is a tell tell sign. Also she makes a funny noise and it's almost like you can hear the milk coming back up and her swallowing it. She also has projectiled on me twice now.

I am thoroughly hoping that we can treat it this way and that my milk supply stays in tact.  Also hoping to avoid the doc as much as possible since we don't have insurance now! :/  

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  1. Bekah had a HORRIBLE rash when she was tiny. We would leave her diaper free and on a pad on the couch as often as we could. My pediatrician gave me a "recipe" to use on her bum, if you are interested let me know!
    Poor baby - hope she feels better soon.