Thursday, January 6, 2011

36 week appointment.

I had my appointment with the new doctor today. It's for sure not Dr. Khan. I miss him already and I'm really sad he can't deliver. But the hospital is nice and the office is pretty nice too. I have no gained any weight in 4 weeks! Still holding strong at 35 pounds. I am hoping I can hold onto that for the next 3 weeks and then I'll have about 10 to lose after all the "baby" weight comes off that first week.My blood pressure was surprisingly normal. I also have not dilated or effaced at all either! Baby girl hasn't dropped either. We could tell that by looking at the picture! Also, the antibody has not gone up at all, so really a pretty normal pregnancy! She was not as nice about the SPD. She really took the approach of just tough it out. Anyway, no news on the exact D-day. They will schedule it starting on the 28th at the earliest opening. So may be the 28th.... or not until sometime that next week. I am now praying for the 28th. I need to be done! Anyhoo. That's it for now!

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