Wednesday, March 31, 2010

7 months old!

Well Ender is 7 months old! I can't believe it. Time just keeps on passing. Ender is a hoot! He has gotten so much personality lately. He is "talking", he loves to say ba ba. He really like to make a lot of different noises. He loves to laugh at his big sister! He laughs no matter what is going on if she blows rasberries. He FINALLY rolled over! He will roll both ways. However, if you put him on his stomach he just goes right to his back, still does not like it! And in other big news he has a tooth!!!!! I was so suprised. Julietta didn't get her first until she was about 14 months old. Randy's mother said that her earliest was around 10 months, and I got mine at 10 months. I have read that it is hereditary so I was fully expecting another one year old with the gummy smile! NOPE! He got his bottom left one, and the bottom right is coming in now! Poor baby! Ender has also started sleeping completly through the night! I feed him around 8 and he goes right to bed and then he wakes up anywhere from 7-8. Thank the Lord that finally kicked in! He still does not take the best of naps but one thing at a time. On a sad news, we are in the process of weaning. He just does not get enough and he is never fully satisfied from a nursing so, I think it's about time to just got to the bottle completly. I am pretty sad about this because I wanted to make to a year so bad, but I am thankful that we'll get formula through WIC so at least it won't be an expensive switch. And on a fun note I'll be able to have pizza again! I am not sure of when I'll complete this process because a part of me is holding on to nursing but we shall see!
We are still trying to work on Ender sitting up. He won't sit by himself, he just throws himself back. However, he is super strong in the legs. I have a theory that he'll just go straight to standing and skip the whole sitting and scooting stage. But just a theory.
Here are a couple of pictures of this past month!

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