Tuesday, March 16, 2010

6 months

Well, as normal I am a couple weeks late. Ender is now 6 months! Can you believe it? I can not! It has gone by way to fast. Randy is still gone. He should be coming home in the next two weeks though, and we are more than ready! We miss the man of our house so much! Julietta talks about him all the time. It is so cute and sweet to see. This is the first time he's been gone a long time when she's been old enough to notice. So it is affecting her a lot.
Ender is still Ender! However, one very important thing has changed. He hit 6 months and voila, he has started to sleep through the night. Our routine is I feed him around 8 and he sleeps until 7:30-8 the next morning! Thank the Lord, that finally kicked in. While I was out in Denver he started to do a 4 hour schedule. I was loving that, however, now he's not. Since we've been home he has had a rather rough time napping. I am not quite sure what is going on there but I am hoping we get it sorted out. Still frustrating during the days because I can not get much done house wise, and we all know how much I want my house to be clean and how much Randy does too.
Also: Ender can roll over. He doesn't like to do it. However, if I get it started and put his hand up he will flip himself over. He wants to move. It's super cute I need to get a video of it but he does these hip thrusts! He's going to have buns of steel :) But, he'll move himself all around the carpet.
We have started solid foods. He eats cereal twice a day, has a veggie and fruit for lunch. He loves to feed himself out of the self-feeder. There's a video in the last post of that!
(Here's a pic of his first bite of Banana! He didn't really like it!)

I took him to WIC the other week and he hasn't gained that much however. So, I am supplementing some with formula. He loves to drink out of a bottle. I think he's in the process of weaning himself. He still loves to nurse right before he goes to bed and he'll nurse at every feeding but he doesn't like to do it for long enough to get enough food. So... I nurse him and he gets about 8-12 ounces of formula a day in a bottle. I am also making his cereal with formula to try to plump him up.
He is doing really well without all the diary too. So far, we haven't found anything else that he is allergic too. Thank God!

Other than that things are good here. I will post later on my trip to Denver, and then hopefully in a couple weeks I will post about Randy coming home!!!

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