Tuesday, December 8, 2009

my dad....

well today it's officially been a year since dad passed away. it's not as hard as i thought it would be. it's definitely hard to realize how much he has missed this year. he didn't even know i was pregnant and it's difficult to know that so much has happened in my life that he doesn't know. i still hope that god allows him a window to see main events. i've been trying to jog julietta's memory about him lately because i realize that she is forgetting. it's sad how life moves on. it makes me realize that it will eventually happen to all of us. someday i will die and eventually the people who love me will not mour everyday. that's a good thing but at that same time when you are going through something so painful you don't realize it will get easier and you almost don't want it to. and then you wake up a year later and realize that some days life is back to normal. yes i still miss him and yes i still cry about it sometimes, but there are days where sadly i don't think about it.
i am happy he's in better place and that i truely believe he is walking and talking again in heaven and is happy but it is still hard to think about his body being in the ground.
here's i think the last picture of julietta and dad:
i will always love him and miss the love of a father! RIP daddy..... i miss you :)

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