Wednesday, September 2, 2009

ender update

So Ender is 5 days old today. He is doing pretty good. We had a doctors appointment this morning and he is down to 7 pounds. He has lost 9% of his weight. So the doc is a little concerned and we have to go back in on Friday and check it out again. Mom left today so we shall see how we do without her! I'm not as worried because Julietta lost over a pound and then gained it slowly. I'm just praying that everything goes well and he's gained a little bit by Friday. My milk is in and he's doing really good with feeding. We are having some issues getting him latched on at first but Randy has a hang on getting him to latch.
The first two nights at home were rough. He wanted to stay up all night. One night he was up from 12 until around 4 am.
Randy has been WONDERFUL! He has been up with me at every feeding and helping. He's straight worn out so I'm waiting for him to just pass out. We've come to realize that God gives women something extra to get them through this time! Thank God that was have husbands now who will help :)
Julietta loves being a big sister. She wants to look at him all the time and help out. She is a little more sensitive to being told no. I'm hoping that it passes.
I am feeling pretty good. Randy thinks I'm pushing it a little too much, so I'm going to try and take it pretty easy. However, again I feel pretty great. I haven't even taken my percocet today.
Anyway, I will upload some more photos later :)


  1. It's so fun that we get to know a whole new little person. You probably are doing too much! :) But who can slow you down? We'll be praying that he starts back on the weight gain so you don't have to have dr.s getting on your case.

  2. You and Randy are such good parents! I am happy to see you two so happy =0). It really makes me feel good! I had to say its good of Randy to teach your son how to latch on! Haha! I thought that was pretty funny! Anyway, hope to see you soon. I'm still trying for next weekend. I would like to get away for a little bit!