Monday, September 7, 2009

ender update #2

So, it's been a rough couple days. We've been pumping Ender full of formula and extra breastmilk all weekend. So feedings were taking about an hour if not more. Then all of a sudden yesterday he decided that he didn't like nursing. We could not get him latched on at all. So I spent a lot of this past weekend in tears and just so frustrated and worn out. So we gave him a bottle after about an hour and a half trying to get him latched on and he downed it. So for the moment I have given in and have been just pumping to give him my milk in a bottle.
I will meet with a lactation consultant this week and see if we can ever get him back on me. But, I just can't be stressing like I was. I could not deal with it with dealing with Julietta too. I haven't cried in 24 hours and feeding times have been great! Ender has been so happy too. Last night I fed him at 10:30 ; 3:30; and then at 8:00. I got a ton of sleep, so today has been great.
We took him to the hospital to get weighed and...... he was 7 pounds 4.6 ounces :) YAY!!!!!!! I wish I had my camera while we were at the hospital because when we put him on the scale he was hilarious. He stayed asleep and just propped his leg up on the side for all to see and was just the chillest of babies!
We then went to target, and Julietta LOVED hanging out in our double stroller with Ender!
On the other note I'm down 20 pounds! I have 10 more until pre-pregnancy weight and then I'll have about 30 that I want to lose before next June!
I will post some more pictures I promise!

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