Wednesday, April 8, 2009

IT'S A....... ;)

well this week I had 2 doctors appointments. I met with the Perinatal doctor and he did an ultrasound and then looked at my blood work. All the screens for birth defeats came back negative. The baby looked healthy in the ultrasound, including the spine and the flow to the brain which is what they were concerned with about my antibody. Now the news with my blood. I have an antibody anti-S in my blood. The specialist believes I got it from the miscarriage this past year. He said that my body most likely just built it up because of something to do with the miscarriage. They also ran a tighter on the blood work to get the number, and I had a 1-2 number. They go up into 1-4, 1-8, 1-12, and then 1-16 and so forth. They do not really worry about it until it gets to 1-12 or really 1-16. So that looks good like it will not be an issue. He is having me get the blood work done again in 3 weeks to check the number. I gained 4 pound this month so I'm now at a 6-7 pound gain so far. So..... I need to keep a watch on it, because I do not want to gain more than 25 pounds!

Now about that ultrasound......

I got there and asked the tech if she would tell me if they could see and she said yes. So she put the tool and it was right where the legs were and they were apart and she goes "YEP, that's a boy!" And then they did a lot of measuring, and looking at all the bones and everything. It was neat to see. He had his little feet crossed at the ankles and was just chilling in there until I said he's not really moving, and then he kicked out his legs and starting kicking like crazy! They also said that he was weighing about 10 ounces. Which is a little bigger than what babycenter said but about right! Now we just have to pick out names. Julietta actually showed excitement! Now, she keeps saying that's baby brother growing in mommy's belly. When he comes out I want to play with him! How sweet is that?!
So here's the pictures!!!!
Okay, the top two pics are of a profile with his hand over his face, and then his little feet!
Then the next two pics are of little boy parts, and then his leg. You can kinda see the thigh, calf, and then the feet and the feet are crossed in this pic.
Then the bottom two pics are boy parts and profile again :)


  1. Ok, I have figured out this comment thing!!! Congrats on the baby boy =) Do you have any names? I know you did, but I didn't know if you had decided on one now??

  2. You were right. So, I got my girl and you are getting your boy! Congrats to you all!!!

    Love you

  3. Yay for boys! I finally updated my blog, I thought you would like to know :) So sorry I have been is starting to get crazy busy around here.

  4. Sarah, we aren't sure on any names now. Maybe a Jr. maybe something we haven't thought of. I would really like to do something for Dad if it's not a Jr. but we'll see. Nan, I know I'm so glad you got a girl! Shelly, I can imagine it's getting crazy! It's okay to be slack, I just love reading up on all the preggers people! haha.