Wednesday, November 7, 2012


So a lot has happened in our lives in the past three months. God has been with us the whole way even though it was painful and took everything inside of me to just survive.
Anyway, for those who are interested and want to know details we are more than willing to talk about it, but just for the blog I am just going to put up our "wedding" picture. God has helped us start over and through Jesus and His sacrifice we can reboot.

Here's the picture of us off my phone, and a picture I took of Kyleigh who wanted to wear a wedding dress too.
Thank you to everyone who prayed for us during our difficult time and I am happy to say that we are back and stronger than ever as a family :)

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  1. Amy, I don't know the trials that you have faced as a family, but it's so great to hear of the strong commitment to family and to God that you have. Thank you for sharing and bless you ALL as you continue and heal :)