Sunday, December 4, 2011

Thankful are We.

 I am thankful for sweet smiles from my children! They truly are the loves of my life and they bring such joy to me and Randy.

 Thankful for my mom and my brother :)
 I am thankful for a brother and sister in law who have been so wonderful to me and my children!
 I am thankful for my wonderful sister in law who can get a photo like this on a day that is as crazy as thanksgiving. If you only knew :) Librande family just think about Ender during family pictures in June. It was that :)
 Thanksgiving is always a fun time for us because it's around the time of our anniversary. This year was even more fun because it was the exact same way as it was the year we got married; the day after thanksgiving. It's hard to believe it's already been 6 years. I am so thankful for my husband and for the family he gave me. I am also so thankful for God's redemption and promise that is shown in marriage.
 I am thankful for my big family. It is not very big but it sure is fun.

And I am thankful that my kids have a loving Nana. She loves them with all her heart, and she gives everything she can to them!

We had a great Thanksgiving. As usual we went over to my brothers house and my sister in law's family came as well. It is wonderful to have both sides of the family together. It is also fun that we all get along and it can just be a fun time. I love thanksgiving with my family and I love that I only had to cook stuffing and brownies, but what I found this year is not fun is that there are no left overs when you don't cook or it's not at your house. :(   Next year we will have to rectify this!!!


  1. So happy that you all are well! Miss you tons!

  2. You look so pretty, and I love your hairstyle! Beautiful family you have, and happy late Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas to you!!!