Thursday, November 10, 2011

9 months old Kyleigh

Kyleigh is a bundle of fun these days. She is standing up, crawling, and walking around things all the time. She is hilarious. She has learned SO BIG. It's really funny because she looks at us and just puts her hands up in the air and then smiles. She has given up nursing though. This is sad, but it's ok because I was really forcing the issue when I know I don't make enough. So now we are giving her whatever I can pump out and then formula to make the most of it. She is eating like a pig too! She still only weighs 15.5 pounds, and is 27 inches long. Very tiny. It's not all my milk, she is just petite. She is such a hoot and is so sweet. She loves being around her brother and sister. She follows them all over the house and is very fast. There have been times when we've looked around and wondered where in the world Kyleigh is. Thankful we don't have that big of a house so it's easy to find. Also since Kyleigh is the overachiever on moving on Halloween at my brothers house she decided it was time to climb stairs.
Here's a picture that our photographer took of Kyleigh a little bit ago but I never shared.

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