Friday, July 29, 2011

Kyleigh is 6 months old

Our little K-town was 6 months old yesterday. Can this really be true? I can't stand how fast time is going these days. It's killing me. Today I had her appointment. She is an itty bitty. She is 25 inches tall, and only 13.8 pounds. Her height is in the 25% and her weight is only in the 10% now. So, we are watching it. I did start cereal last week and I have actually been adding in some formula to give her some extra calories. Part of me says this is just my kids because they just grow slow, but then I am also worried about my supply. The doctor thinks that I just have skim milk and because neither Randy or I am big people that they are just small. She was not too panicky, but I do have to bring her back in 6 weeks to double check her weight. So I am praying that she keeps growing and I can keep nursing. Little girl needs to pack on the pounds. She needs to take some off my butt! haha

Other than her little size she is a big girl! She is eating solids now two to three times a day. She has one or two cereal servings a day. She also now is having a veggie or fruit at lunch. I say this but she has only had peas so far! Tomorrow will be sweet potatoes. So far she is loving the food. I am not loving it at much because now the poops have changed! I miss the sweet breastmilk poops already! She also can sit up by herself. She spazzes out a lot and will get herself off balance. She is trying to crawl. She is moving and gets up on her hands and knees. She will somehow scoot, roll, pull herself all over the room though. Our schedule is slowly changing to get ready for Julietta starting school. So now I will be pushing our schedule back to getting up at 7am. YUCKY! I hate the idea of this, but we will be ok. So for now Kyleigh's schedule will be waking up at 7 with a nursing, and then every 3 hours with her last feeding at 10. She then will 99.9% of the time sleep until morning.

Other than that nothing is new in Kyleigh land. I did buy a crib this week. I am excited to finally set that up. We made the decision to keep Ender in his crib until he crawls out. But, his crib is the drop side crib and I do not feel good using it anymore with how dangerous they are now. So we bought a new one for Kyleigh that will be a convertible one so hopefully we will get some good use out of it. I am excited too, because it's black so it'll match our bedroom furniture.

I will post some pictures tomorrow!

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  1. I am amazed and in shock that she is six months, eating solids, and trying to crawl! Time literally does go down a black hole. In my world at least... I can't wait to see ya'll again. Miss you!