Wednesday, June 1, 2011

4 months old!

Our little Smiley Kyleigh is four month old! I can't believe how fast time is flying. It amazes me. One of my dear friends Sarah is pregnant with her second. She found out at our house right before Kyleigh was born and I can't believe that she's already 4+ months pregnant! Time is just going crazy.

Anyhoo. Kyleigh is a ball. The past couple weeks have been big milestones for Kyleigh. She can roll both ways. She rolls like crazy. She also is now moving by pushing her legs. She's pretty mobile! It's cute to see but it's also a little scary because she's so young. Such a difference from Ender who did not roll over until he was 7 months. I will be shocked if Kyleigh isn't crawling by 6 months! She also laughed! It was so cute. She still hasn't done a big belly laugh but she did get a couple giggles out!

Our schedule is pretty hammered out now. We wake up around 7 (ugh!), and feed every 3 hours. She goes to bed after the 7:30ish feeding and I will wake her up at 11-11:30 to eat. Then she will sleep until 7. This is nice. I'm sure she might even be able to skip the 11 feeding but I am not even thinking about this because I want to keep my supply up.

On not good note we have thrush again. This on top of earlier this week I had a clogged duct. So fun times!

Kyleigh weighs a little over 12 pounds and is 24 inches tall :) She's our little Skinny Kyleigh as well!
 Etta took this picture!!!!  :)
First time in her excersaucer!


  1. She is super cute! I can't believe I haven't met her either. Or that I am 5.5 months pregnant! I only have June, July, August, and hopefully a little of September left. I hope to see you guys soon ;) Your schedule sounds great!!!

  2. She is so cute!!!