Wednesday, April 20, 2011

update on my goals!

Soooooo life in my changes is going great! I have been cooking a ton and I am LOVING it! Really, I am honestly loving it. I have found some awesome recipes that we will use a ton and already have had a couple times, and I have also had some yucky ones. I have made things such as chicken marsala (a recipe that is a copy cat of Carabas!), chicken salad sliders, lasagna (grandma punkies recipe of course), baked potato soup, peanut butter salad, chicken with tomato cream sauce, shepherds pie, crab alfredo, buffalo chicken salad.  Everything was awesome except the crab alfredo and the shepherds pie. The pie would've been awesome except the recipe called for blue cheese in the mashed potatos, and while I generally like blue cheese it was not good in this, it made it really sour! The crab alfredo was supposed to be a copy cat of the dish at red lobster and I love that dish.... it was so bad we didn't even eat it at all... we actually got Jimmy Johns that night!
I am adding more and more dishes every week. I'm pretty much making new stuff every night. This week we are going to have balsamic cod, beef straughnoff, sliders again, tacos (nothing new), baked potato soup again, and an asian chicken dish that goes in the crock pot. I am in NEED of some new kitchen supplies for sure. But all in all I am loving this experience and really think I'll be sticking with it.

So on the running goal. I didn't start right away because it took me a really long time to get to the store to get shoes. It's amazing where the day goes with three kids and finishing my degree! But I finally got them almost two weeks ago and have completed week one and am on week two of my program! I am loving this as well. Not during but really after. It's so nice. I feel like I'm working toward a goal that is pretty hard for me and I am sticking with it. I am in terrible shape and have never been a runner so it's a little embarrassing when week one is run one minute walk for a minute in a half for 30 minutes and I am dying on the side of the road, but it feels really good when I'm done. This week is run for one and a half minutes and then walk for 2. I have actually enjoyed this week more because it seems to go by faster when you run for longer stretches. I think what I am loving most about it though is the feeling of taking my life back. I am outside in the sunshine working out and listening to music and just being me. It is a wonderful feeling and so thankful that my hubby is being supportive and watching the kids while I go do this. So far no impact on my weight, but we shall see what it does and I have started to watch what I'm eating this week so hopefully it starts to make a difference!

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