Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ender at 18 months

I haven't posted a lot on Ender lately since well let's face it I don't have much time during the day these days! But for my sake I wanted to put down a little bit about what Ender is like these days. He is a hoot! Ender has four of his first molars. All four of his canines are breaking through as well (teething has made him rather cranky the past few months!)

Ender loves his sisters. Mostly his Etta (or as he says Yetta! He's in his crib right now trying to wake her up yelling at her!). He has become all boy (maybe I should say more boy) since he has always been ALL boy. But he runs up behind Etta and will grab her by the waist and tackle her! He has tried to do this to me as well however, I don't fall to the ground too easily. He loves to sit by Kyleigh and say hi to her, and the way he says Kyleigh is too sweet. It sounds like Kyyyylay. He can not be trusted in the same room though without adult supervision. The other day he wanted her binky out of her mouth and she wouldn't give it up and he hit her face!

He has started talking a mile a mninute. He is putting two words together as well. Today was ewww stinky. He also says eww gross, bye bye, hi kyleigh, go go go, and several more. The funniest thing that he says is Barbie though. I believe this happens when you have an older sister that loves all things pink. He picks up her barbies and walks around them saying the name. Also, when we were at Target he passed by the pink shelf and said Barbie! He loves balls. Ender especially loves basketball. He will stand and watch the big boys play for a long time. Ender also loves Veggies Tales. He says bob and larry (which sounds like bob and lilarly).  He has started to try to sing along with the theme song!

Anyway, that's my boy. I don't have any stats because he hasn't gone to the doctor yet, but he is my buddy!

Here he is trying on Julietta's Hello Kitty rain boots (he also loves shoes!)  and dancing to Veggie Tales :)

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