Sunday, October 4, 2009

nursing strike over!

Sooooo, exciting news today. Randy's mom is an angel :) She got Ender to latch on to just me and has been nursing all day. It might be a rough couple days getting him able to get out as much as he was getting in the bottle, and getting my supply up even more, but.... he can do it, and is doing it! I am so exciting and amazed. I seriously thought there was no hope with a month old baby who never did it, but here we are 5 weeks in and he is nursing :) Serious answer to prayer!


  1. =) That is awesome! It pays to let the older and more experienced women teach the younger ones!

  2. Yay!! Was praying she would be able to help. Goat's Rue - sorry it tastes nasty but works miracles for supply. If you can find it in a non pill form - Fenugreek. Not as good as the first, but it'll do more than nothing!